Product lifecycle vs Program lifecycle

This article has the great honor/responsibility to start this blog. This subject is may be not the one which is the most exciting our minds, but is one of them.

So what about product lifecycle? It is often related to the different stages that the product pass through, for example:

  • Created
  • Designed
  • Rewiewed
  • Design Approved
  • Prototype
  • Internally Approved
  • Customer Approved
  • Released
  • Cancelled

But it can be as well a sub-life cycle, or the life cycle of a sub-activity about the product. PLM systems usually implements a part of the full lifecycle.

But what about program lifecycle? A program aiming to produce one or several products, it as often sevel “gates”, aiming to separate some activities around the product:

  • Product design
  • Product prototype
  • Product pre-series
  • Product series
  • Product retirement

So what is the difference? Should we talk about PLM as Program Lifecycle Management? Or Product Lifecycle Management is something different?