Useful or full featured?

I found a recent post from Oleg with a funny picture. This picture is better than a long discussion about what it is better to get:

  • a full featured PLM application
  • a useful application

Examples are:


I don’t know for a camper, but as a PLM user I am sure which one I may choose.

Unfortunately, most of the PLM applications we meet are of the first kind. Why? Some quick thoughts:

Complex business processes

BP are so complex that implementers simply choose to display everything to all users, having not the information about restricted usage per user or per group of user.

IT design

PLM is supported mainly by IT department which don’t know the BPs, or choose to mix many different business processes in the same application.

New capabilities

Introducing new functions without killing the previous ones which might be obsolete are increasing the volume. Always try to kill existing functions!

Lack of user feedback

I believe user feedback is not at the level today for enterprise applications, compared with what can be found on the web. Today, the smallest shoe vendor in the US provides a way to post comments about its products on his website. PLM vendors are far away from that practice. Even if some surveys are sent once a year into a company, the level of feedback provided is not at the level where it could be used.

What do you think?

Paris at Whitsun – A life experience


The post of today is about Paris. As I whished to get some pictures for my next post, I played the tourist in Paris for the Whitsun monday, as the weather was really nice. And I would like to share these images with you. A real experience!