What is PLMforest? A new blog in the trend of Green It? A new blog or think tank regarding PLM? A pun for “PLM for us”? All of that. As PLM has become over the past years an established domain for IT community and several industries, we think that a lot of thing have to be brought back in mind regarding PLM and Product Development environment. And we think that PLM is like a forest where peope have to go through, which is not a game at all. Which kind of forest are you? We propose here some hints to help you recognize yourself.

Have a nice walk throught the PLM forest.

Some proverbes may apply to this blog:

  • Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach the man how to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime (Chinese proverb)
  • if everything is under control, it means that you do not drive fast enough (Mario Andretti)

Note: While I started that blog as a consultant for the PLM services provider PCO Innovation, I now work for FAURECIA as Engineering Information System Manager, dealing with a wide landscape of collaborative applications. The content included in this blog is my own personal opinion, experience and thoughts and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of my employer in the past, present or future. I may choose to moderate comments as I find appropriate in order to maintain the content within my view of good taste, however the comments are the opinions of their respective authors. No warranties or other guarantees are made as to the accuracy or quality of the opinions or any other content offered herein.

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